In ancient Chinese medicine, Artemisinin has been one of the most useful remedies for different illnesses there especially with fevers and has become the top medicine used to fight malaria in Asia.

Artemisinin is derived from the plant Artemisia Annua which is found in Asia mainly, it is known for its aromatic smell which has fern-like leaves and yellow flowers.

Aside from malaria and fever, Artemisinin is also used to treat inflammation, bacterial infections, headaches, and other minor illnesses according to Chinese herbalists although there is no medical claims or scientific data to support or back these beneficial claims.

In China, it is locally known as qinghaosu or qing hao, or in English “Sweet Wormwood”, sweet Annie, sweet sagewort, or annual wormwood, and most recently there has been a study conducted by medical experts about artemisinin’s effects and benefits that are linked to curing cancer. However, there are still a lot of studies to be made to further solidify their proof regarding this matter.

number one alternative medication

On the good side, there are therapies available which combine artemisinin or its derivatives with some other antimalarial medicines which can be more potent and effective to treat patients in a very tolerable level. Artemisinin is also used in other forms of malaria-like the Plasmodium vivax malaria.

It is also linked to several benefits such as treatment for joint pains, appetite loss, liver problems, problems of menstruation, and epilepsy, but recent years have shown a lot of proof about its cancer healing properties despite the long-standing debate if it is true or not.

Medical researchers think that artemisinin is the number one alternative medication to the advanced level of cancer because of its aggressive cancer therapeutic properties which have a very little risk of developing a drug resistance to it. In order to multiply in the body, artemisinin requires a dosage of iron as it will also activate it to spread throughout the body and create cancer-killing free radicals.

In 2015, medical research, it revealed that artemisinin becomes more potent to treat people with cancer if combined with iron during the therapy session, and to add to that, the University of Washington backed the claims that artemisinin is more effective in killing cancer cells at the same time sparing the normal cells only targeting the cancerous cells in your body. This claim was from their research after treating a cancer cell by combining what they call “fools” cancer cell into the transferrin which acted as a harmless protein, which resulted to cells which are affected by leukaemia to get destroyed as the white blood cells were left safe.

Aside from that success story, there are numerous medical researches claiming about artemisinin’s medical benefits although it was still experimental and have limited data and only have a minimal trial to humans.

Artemisinin is widely available in the market. This is usually in a form of artemisinin supplement. When it comes to its usage and proper dosage, a person is usually prescribed by doctors is usually ranging from 100 to 200 ml a day. Only doctors can prescribe a higher dosage depending on the condition of the patient. When it comes to artemisia annua cancer dosage, there is still no clear information about it.